Discover Epitech

Epitech is a higher education and short training school which offers a variety of IT courses . A school like no other, carrying emblematic values and federated around a national and international network of 17 campuses.

Epitech, an IT school like no other

At Epitech, we consider ourselves to be anti-system, and we proudly display the colors of merit and motivation. We offer a learning experience of excellence for all. Hard-working, curious and a desire to give it your best shot? You will fit in perfectly at Epitech, with a network of supportive and ambitious students. To join our school, only your motivation will be decisive. The rest, we are convinced that you will learn it from us. And the 100% hiring rate outside our walls is there to confirm it.

” At Epitech, we are not asked what we did before, we are asked what we are going to do after. “

Epitech values


We guide our students to the best of Innovation, and share with them a desire to change things and disrupt the world around us. A positive, constructive innovation, which constantly takes into account the needs of individuals and society.


At Epitech, we value independence of mind and autonomy. Our courses are there to guide students and give them the best possible foundations for building their future. Each student then evolves as they see fit, according to their own style and their own codes.


We believe in group dynamics! Students inspired by the world around them, but also who inspire each other, lift each other up, share their ideas, their desires, to build their future together.

Epitech values


The Epitech student is on the move, they are not part of a pre-established order to be respected. They move, propose, impose, advance, build… Taking initiatives is the personal but also collective driving force of our students.


Epitech is a multitude of profiles offering various training courses suitable for everyone. Because none of our students are alike, we have compiled tailor-made courses, punctuated with modules and projects adapted to everyone’s needs.

A national and international network

Epitech has 17 campuses: 13 in France and 4 in European cities.

Each campus is part of the Epitech network and all students are attached to it, whether in Belgium or abroad.

Students of the Epitech Program can therefore choose, as part of their 3-year cycle, to integrate one of the 17 campuses. The fourth year takes place in one of our partner universities around the world and the fifth in Paris.