I am a high school student: Epitech in 5 years

Presentation of the “historic” Epitech program, the “Grande Ecole” program Epitech’s higher education course takes 5 years to train IT experts. It offers a thorough and varied technical content, including a variety of programming projects, and covering many languages which will allow the student to approach all new technologies with serenity.
Pool sessions, especially in the first year, offer students the minimum methodological and technical groundwork, as well as introducing students to the “Epitech spirit” and the virtues of group
In addition, having an open vision to the world is a top priority for Epitech, thanks to the 4th year spent abroad in one of our 90 partner universities, and also through an exceptional focus on

Understanding the { secret } of the program

Epitech expert Diploma in information technology

DIPLOMA RECOGNIZED BY THE FRENCH STATE. Registered RNCP Level 1 (FR) and level 7 (EU).

Employed Epitech experts testimonials

{ Pierre-Marie Laguet }

Blackfoot Co-founder and CEO - Epitech Alumni 2016

{ Thomas Solignac }

Co-founder and CEO - Epitech Alumni 2015

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