I want to retrain : Coding Academy

Presentation of the Coding Academy This short course offers intensive classes in IT development. It is accessible to everyone who followed at least two years of higher education. No prior skills are required. It allows, for example, those who wish to retrain in IT to master the best practices of the web and acquire skills in code and development. Others will instead seek to support the digital transformation of their business or to try an entrepreneurial adventure.
  • Code & Go to acquire the fundamentals of code
It is based on the learning experience and resources of Epitech and requires exemplary motivation and involvement from the students. If the course is open to everyone, there is a selection at the beginning to validate the aptitudes of the students and their suitability with the Coding Academy.
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{Epitech graduation ceremony 2018}


{Epitech graduation ceremony 2018}

On Saturday, April 13, 2019, 632 students from Epitech graduated in the amphitheater of the Palais des Congrès at Porte Maillot in Paris. The IONIS group reached new heights for this quality event in which the families of graduates were able to participate. Antoine Bolvy, a 2018 graduate and Dipty Chander, President of the E-mma association, return to this event and share their background and the Epitech experience.

A recognized training course by companies

Accreditations and certifications

The Coding Academy is a course trusted by its high standards, but also thanks to the reliability and the fervor of Epitech, created in 1999 and recognized as one of the best schools in IT. It is accredited GEN, Campus Région du Numérique and Paris Code.

Organisme qualité certifié Pôle Emploi

Employment certitude

By commencing the Coding Academy, you are guaranteed to have a sustainable professional future. Highlight the following key figures
This success has been commended by very large companies : Cap Gemini, Societe Generale, Expertime, etc. These partnerships allow us to offer additional training, completely free of charge, adapted to those companies that hire CDI (permanent contract) learners upon leaving.


The Coding Academy takes place two to three times a year over a period of 22 weeks, divided into an 18-week course and a 4-week internship.

Code & Go training

The Coding Academy takes place two to three times a year over a period of 22 weeks, divided into an 18-week course and a 4-week internship.
C language
  • Discovery pool and algorithm
System computing
  • Databases: SQL & nbso; / NoSQL (MongoDB)
  • SQL language
  • Web server admin, from installation to administration
  • System administration
Script language
  • PHP / Python / JavaScript
Tag language (HTML) and style sheets (CSS)
Web frameworks
  • PHP: Symfony 4
  • Ruby: Ruby On Rails
  • Python: Flask / Algo
  • MERN: MongoDB / Express / REACT / NodeJs
  • REACT / Native / Electron
Free project
  • Creation of a CDC
  • Implementation of a project methodology
  • Project monitoring / User Acceptance Testing / Tests
  • Deployment
  • Monitoring of the solution
Project management :
  • Agile method
  • Web marketing
  • SEO (référencement naturel)
  • Web analytics
Coaching :
  • Coaching sessions with a professional
  • Stress management
Préparation à l’embauche
  • Interview simulations
  • Help writing CVs

Admission requirements, costs and funding

To find out more about the admission procedures and the costs and funding of our training, visit our website.